雪丰(DONG, Xuefeng, Curator, Beizhen Zhongren Art Museum, China)

I have carefully observed your paintings and felt the unique expressiveness coming from a Canadian artist! Your paintings are filled with love and harmony between human and nature, while incorporating elements of passion and vitality! The stars, the land, and the glaciers you paint have humanistic feelings – quiet and harmonious, vast and magnificent! Your art can make people realize the infinite possibilities of imagination, leaving an indelible impression on the viewers!


养知斋 (CONG, Shuhua, Master Artist, Antiquities Collector, Beizhen, China) 

(This art piece*) is a dream-like scroll; Here, the Eastern and Western cultures collide, creating a masterclass that weaves imagination, fantasy, and reality. This piece combines and encapsulates the colours from the west and the brush-painting style of the east, creating a piece that is appreciated by audiences across the world. It is an experiment and an innovation, providing comfort, enlightenment, and recollection. I wish foreign artists can continue on this journey of artistic exploration.
*Dancing Skies #3

Dancing Skies #3


忠仁美术馆(ZHAO, Zhongren, owner of Beizhen Zhongren Art Museum, Master Artist and Professor at the University of Beijing, China) 
彼此拥有共同的爱! 虽相隔万水千山、但心相融、道相同!友谊长存!

We share a common passion! Although separated by a myriad of rivers and thousands of hills, but our hearts and minds are in perfect harmony, and our paths will meet!

ZHU, Xudong, City of Nantong, China

Her art is exceptional, as she used a unique skill set that combined the Chinese brush-painting strokes with other artistic elements.